Monday, August 31, 2009

Monterey Historics
Carrera Corral 2009

For the third consecutive year Bill Hemmer and Adriana Robles hosted the Carrera Panamericana Corral at the Historic Races in Monterey, CA. For the second time we gathered at Tarpy’s Road House, an excellent venue. Except for a little early morning smoke from the forest fires to the north, the weather was again perfect.

This year Bill worked out a creative arrangement with the Ventana winery shop next to Tarpy’s that including a wine tasting and additional parking for our Carrera cars. He also arranged a super audio-video set up independent of the restaurant’s system so we could both see and hear the videos.

This was a special year for Bill and Adriana because the featured marque of the Historics was Porsche. Bill and Adriana have competed in two Carreras in Porsches, including their last Pan Am in 2007 in a Porsche 550 carrying the livery of a Mexican car in 1953. Adriana, as co-piloto, is always quite the hit with young Mexican girls.

Bill was also working hard to arrange a tour and corral of Porsches in the city of Monterey on Saturday evening.

The Carrera corral also took on a special purpose this year when we decided to include a $5 contribution to Lupita Hernandez, the Mexican nurse who lost both her legs in a Carrera accident in 2003. This bumped the price of a ticket from $35 to $40, which still reasonable for the setting, three drinks, lots of good food, a neat set of souvenirs, and the a-v set up.

Lupita appreciates your generosity and Bill and Adriana’s hard work.

For a variety of reasons, ticket sales and attendance at the corral were somewhat less than we had planned. The races at Laguna Seca were running way behind schedule, so some participants, including an original Pan Am Porsche, were tied up all day at the track. Others simply dropped by to say hello and bought a drink at the bar, rather than buying a corral ticket and making a contribution. All told we probably had about the same number of people attend as last year, but cash receipts were down a bit.

Regardless, the event was a success for the true Carreraistas who attended. It was great being able to see old friends and view some nice video and photos, including the teaser—with sound—of Gary Faules’ Pan Am expedition in 2007. Contact Gary at faules44@, to buy a copy of his first-rate DVD.

All of this would not have been possible without the hard work of Bill, Adriana, and their friends like Don. We salute them today for demonstrating the true “Spirit of La Carrera.”

Bill is already making plans for the Carrera Corral next year – get this – at Laguna Seca racetrack. With the change in management, maybe we will be able to arrange a tent and corral at the track, plus a few exhibition laps on track for our Carrera cars. Perhaps the Carrera organizers in Mexico will even participate. Wouldn’t that be special!

Thanks again Bill and Adriana!