Friday, November 4, 2011

Announcing the 6th Annual Chihuahua Express

Racing the Wind during the Chihuahua Express!

On March 23, 2012 fifty or sixty colorful race cars – classic and modern -- will challenge the open roads across the deserts of Northern Mexico. Get ready for the sixth annual Chihuahua Express (March 23-25). It promises three full days of open-road racing at its finest.

Here’s the best deal in open-road racing, rally style:

--a 1000+ mile (1670 KM) stage rally, around 330 miles (540 KM) at top speed
--only 220 miles south, or 145 miles west, of Texas
--return to the same hotel each night
--accurate timing and prompt results each day
--short driver’s meetings….that start on time
--five days, not two+ weeks, of your time
--cars will start the speed runs in one-minute intervals (a huge safety factor)
--the weather is always sunny
--excellent roads, beautiful landscapes, including the famous Copper Canyon
--hundreds of police and emergency personnel standing by

How much? Only $2,000 USD (same as last year) if paid by December. $2200/2400, if paid later.

Hotels are extra. $165 per night, tax and service included, at the four-star Soberano Hotel. Less at the Holiday Inn Express, City Express, Ramada, or Hampton. Registration, tech, and driver’s meetings are held at the Soberano, which has a huge parking lot for service trucks. Most competitors stay five nights in Chihuahua City (Wednesday-Sunday nights).

The Express Convoy will lead trucks and cars from the U.S. and Canada down to Chihuahua City from Santa Teresa, New Mexico on Wednesday, March 21.

Competition Classes

Normally aspirated:
up to 1.6 liter
1.6 to 2.5 liter
2.5 to 4.6 liter
same displacement classes as above

Specials (Organizer’s option)


Pan Am – these cars will run in their respective classes.

Normally, it takes three similar cars to make a class. If there are not enough cars to make a class, the cars will move to the next highest class. Normally there are enough Turismo Mayor, Historic C, and OPA cars to make their classes. Double medals will be awarded each night, with double plates (trophies) at the end of the event for each class and overall.

The Express Tour

Not ready to race at top speeds, but want to sample Mexico and the event? Sign up for the Express Tour for only $1200 by December or pay $1400 later.

All competitors, including Tour participants, must hold a rally license from FEMADAC, the Federation of Mexican Auto Sports, for $280 USD, which is valid for the entire year. You may obtain the application from and apply by express mail or obtain your license at registration in Chihuahua. This license also provides a certain amount of medical and life insurance.

Race cars need not be “street legal” or registered in the U.S. to compete, but they should have headlights, horn, flashers, etc., for driving after sunset and in regular traffic. A title is necessary to import them into Mexico with a tourist sticker.

Safety Equipment

All competition cars must have a six-point roll cage at a minimum. The cage should be properly braced, reinforced, and attached to the car. All cage designs for new cars should be submitted for prior approval and/or suggestions for improvement before the event. Any car that fails tech will be offered the option of participating in the Tour, but there are no refunds for any car that fails tech.

Snell 2005 helmets, two-layer racing suits, five/six point belts, fire bottles, and HANS, Leatt, or SFI/FIA-rated head and neck restraint devices are required.

Please read the rules closely at Significant changes in the rules are not expected this year.

Need More Reasons to Sign Up?

--It’s a great way to learn how to run a stage rally Mexican style.
--It’s a superb venue to test a new car and take it through tech in Mexico for the first time.
--It’s a driver’s race: not many distractions, not many towns, nor speed bumps (topes).
--Rental race cars are readily available, just ask.
--You will be provided detailed information about the event, how to enter and exit Mexico, and to make the most of the Express.

Payment Information

Send your check for the entry fee $2000 made payable to Manuel “Chacho” Medina to:

Gerie Bledsoe
220 N. Zapata Hwy Ste 11
Laredo, TX 78043

Phone: 1-650-525-9190 (USA)
+52-415-185-8470 (Mexico)

If you want to stay at the Soberano (HQ) Hotel add $165 for each night, normally five nights ($825). All payments and hotel reservations will be confirmed. Partial refunds and credit for next year are at the discretion of the Organizer in case of medical or other emergencies.

The Chihuahua Express is part of the Silver State
Classic Challenge Championship