Monday, June 27, 2016

Carreras News
June 2016

**Chihuahua Express – Tentative Dates, April 27-30. 2017

Event organizer Chacho Medina has set as April 27-30 as the tentative dates for the 2017 Chi-X.  These dates are subject to the approval of various authorities in Mexico.  The date is always set each year so as not to conflict with Easter.

Mr. Medina visited Chihuahua last week to check out possible new routes for the event, perhaps for a fourth day of racing.  Last April several competitors asked him to increase the length of the event.  This can be done by adding another day of competition in place of the pre-qualifying run on Thursday morning, or simply by adding a fourth day on Thursday with qualifying on Wednesday.  Of course, this would increase the entry fee and add at least another night in Chihuahua City.

If it stands, these dates in April will allow Chi-X competitors to warm up in the Big Bend Open Road Race (BBORR) the previous weekend in Ft. Stockton, Texas, and then motor down to Chihuahua for the Xpress.  Chihuahua is about a five hour drive from there via Presidio.

The BBORR is a high speed “T/S/D” or “bracket” race that runs on a closed highway 59 miles from Ft. Stockton to Sanderson, TX.  After a break, the cars race back to Ft. Stockton.  There is an unlimited-speed class, but most of the cars attempt to finish on their “target time,” like the Silver State Classic Challenge in Nevada. Their speed “bracket” (one of 17 classes) is based on the car’s safety equipment and the driver’s aspirations.  That is, the faster you go, the more roll cage and safety equipment is required.  To run in the unlimited class, the requirements for a roll cage are slightly more than for the Chi-X and Pan-Am, and the car must sustain a speed of at least 135 MPH.

**La Carrera Panamericana 2016 – Oct. 13-20

The Pan-Am is scheduled for October 13-20, starting in Huatulco, a resort town on the Pacific, in the state of Oaxaca, and ending in Durango.  Overnights along the way include:  Oaxaca, Mexico City, Toluca, Morelia, Guanajuato, and Zacatecas.

The organizers have decided to allow modern BMW Mini Coopers in the event.  Of the 48 entries listed on the official web site six are Mini’s.  

Of the 48 entries, 27 are from Mexico, 11 from the U.S., 8 from Europe, and 2 from other countries. 

Registrations by Pan-Am classifications:

Turismo Mayor 7
Turismo Production  4
Sports Mayor 0
Sports Menor 4
Historic A+   4   
Historic A  2    
Historic B  7
Historic C  10
Original Pan Am 1
Exhibition 3

Not yet ready to spend two weeks and major bucks on a long race, deep in Mexico?  Then come on down to the Chihuahua Express next April. It’s only 145 miles from Texas. Bring a race car to test or your fun car to drive in the Chi-X Tour.  Check out the roads and rallying Mexican style.  You will be pleased.

**Rally Histórico Transpeninsula (Baja)

This new rally, in its second year, is scheduled for next week, June 23-26.  For more information go to Also check it out on Facebook. The rally will begin in Tijuana and end three days later, after 925 miles of paved highway, down in Cabo.  This event will also include a touring class for those who want to make the trip at a more leisurely pace.

**Cars for Sale

1940 Cadillac LaSalle Turismo Production
This Rare LaSalle Type 40 two-door business coupe was the coolest ride in the 2015 Carrera Panamericana.  Third-place finish in class.  No serious mechanical problems.  Sorted and ready to race the Pan-Am or Chihuahua Express.  Easily converted into a Turismo Mayor car.
All steel body.  Hood and fenders can be easily removed for service.  Front suspension -- modified Mustang with coil-over's and tubular upper- and lower-control arms.  Rear suspension -- adjustable coil spring with a tubular, triangulated four-link.  Big Wilwood disc brakes. Ford 9 inch full floater with 3.50 gear and posi-traction. Tremec five speed--because of the Carrera rules 5th gear (over-drive) is locked out.  The engine is a GM 302 c.i. with cast iron heads and a Holly 600 CFM double pumper carburetor.  Dynoed at 360 HP. Ignition -- a dual MSD boxes with rev. limiter, dual coils. Bridgestone racing tires with spare.  Aluminum racing seats and five-point belts.  Massive, safe roll cage. Fuel cell.  Passed Pan-Am tech with flying colors.
This is the fifth Pan-Am car Frank Oliveto has built, and like the rest, it’s solid.  It’s ready to run the Chihuahua Express, Pan-Am, Transpeninsular (Baja), or other rally in Mexico. 
If you buy it and race it in Mexico this or next year, I will be happy to be your guide and coach down there for either or both events.
Price: $49,000.00/B.O.    Call:  Frank Oliveto, Richmond, California 415-720-1482 or email

As most of you know, auto racing is inherently dangerous and unless you drive prudently, like a reasonable person (who races), it can be seriously injurious to your health.  Rallying through the mountains of Mexico can also be addictive and ruin your desire to compete on the round-and-round tracks.  Also note that the opinions expressed herein are the editor’s and do not represent the views of any race organizer on either side of the border.


Gerie Bledsoe, North American Coordinator
Chihuahua Express
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