Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Reports and Rumors about the 2010 Pan Am Route


The route book, detailing the exact route for the Carrera this year, has not been published on the official web site yet, but details of the route are being made available in various forums. Here are some gleanings and persistent rumors:

1. The Pan Am will NOT venture into Mexico City this year, but will go around the city on the new by-pass, the Arco Norte. Apparently, traffic in the nation's capital of 22 million souls is worst than ever because of major construction on the main freeway into and out of town.

2. Reportedly, the Carrera cars will run speed stages to the east of Mexico City, maybe in the Pachuca area. The racecars will go around Mexico City on the Arco Norte; however, they may leave this road to visit the area around Pachuca, to the east of the capital.

3. The event will also return to the beautiful but deadly mountain road called Mil Cumbres ("a thousand peaks"), outside of Morelia, which has been completely re-surfaced. One report, cited on the Carrera's official web site, said the road was in the best conditon ever. From of the top of the mountain to the bottom there are approximately 330 corners, many are hairpins.

4. Reportedly, the Carrera will NOT go to the town of Tequila in Jalisco, but will end that day's run in a shopping center in Guadalajara. Where, I am not sure.

5. The Pan Am for 2010 will terminate in Zacatecas, so the final awards ceremony will probably be in the Quinta Real Hotel, the famous "bullring hotel." We assume, of course, that the racecars will run one or two speed stages on the road called La Bufa, which on the mountain by the same name above the city.


Troubles among drug gangs along the Mexican border makes most tourists reluctant to drive into Mexico. That's a pity, because it's a lovely country, and peaceful for the most part. The solution is the Coyote Convoy. The convoy, made up of 20 or so tow trucks, trailers, and colorful racecars will cross the border and travel the 540 miles into the safe interior of Mexico together. Anyone is invited to ride along with the convoy. This is the ninth year of the convoy and we haven't lost a soul (or car) yet.

Here's the basic plan for the convoy:

Oct. 15, 8 PM. Meet at Residence Inn del Mar, Laredo, Texas for an orientation, afterwards a shuttle will take anyone to the border who needs a visa or temporary vehicle importation permit.

Oct. 16, 6 AM. Line up and cross the border.
6 PM. Arrive in San Miguel de Allende -- just picked by Travel and Leisure Magazine as the fourth top city to visit IN THE WORLD!

Oct. 17, 10 AM. Display racecars in central square of San Miguel until 3 AM
6 PM. Fiesta

Oct. 18, 7 AM. Depart for Tuxtla Gutierrez, going around Mexico City.
10 PM. Arrive T.G. (pending weather reports)

The race officially starts on Friday, October 22 and ends on October 28.
Spectators are invited to watch the preparation of the cars at the fairgrounds (la feria) in Tuxta Gutierrez (Chiapas).

For information about watching the race, see prior issues of CARRERA NEWS.